Commercial Journalism

we are the executors.


We are the team companies call when the strategy is complete and it's time to get dirty and do the work. To get there, Commercial Journalism is our core approach to your needs: We view your organization as news story. We ask questions, make you think of things you never considered before, and perhaps - hopefully - even challenge the way you've been thinking all along. Along the way, we uncover stories to be told or those that need retelling. From there, we build the storyline around your organization, and pair your content with highly targeted traditional and digital communications.



We hammer out words daily. We are constantly hard at work on copy for a website, press release, sales sheet, presentation, speech, video script, letter, news op-ed, article, brochure, or blog post. If your business isn't copywriting, go tend to your business and let a journalist from Kelley handle it.

graphic design

We deploy designers to build engaging visuals for your organization, including sales sheets, annual reports, and ads. Low in overhead and high in quality, we help companies that don't have big budgets for branding to create logos and critical marketing materials required to succeed.


We complement our copywriting and design skillsets with high-end production of video and photography. Video is typically produced with a crew of five and Hollywood-grade equipment, providing you with corporate video that stands apart from your competitors. We also maintain a high standard for photography, using only select shooters who are best suited for your style.




We produce short films for your company to help you promote, inform, and entertain your many audiences. We use advanced professionals in their fields of cinematography, light, and sound engineering to create an end product that truly stands apart from the rest. 

VSCO Cam-2.jpg


Taking a cue from the hard-charging "run and gun" style of photojournalism, we send photographers into your organization to capture authentic, emotional images that tell a story and help you sell your services and products. Nowhere is too plain and nowhere is too dangerous or dirty. 



What we are not: a full web development or large digital agency. What we are: a perfect fit for small businesses or nonprofits in need of a website or online ads. Using readily available platforms - Wordpress and SquareSpace - we help smaller enterprises create their first website or take a step up from where they are. For organizations of all sizes, we can manage the content on your website - copy, photo, blogs and more - and create and manage social advertising campaigns.


WEBSITE development and content management

 We are well-equipped to produce and deliver an impressive website and user experience for your prospects and peers. Your site will look great on any device, tell your story, and work for you even when you're asleep.

Your website also requires someone to keep it updated and fresh, or make changes when updates are needed. We can do that for you, and are trained in numerous content management platforms such as Wordpress, TerminalFour (T4) and others.

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When we first show clients the targeting capabilities of advertising on popular social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, the reaction is at first shock (and maybe a little bit of terror), then a focus on how they can make the ads work for them. Make every penny count and go farther with social ads that narrow your reach to particular audience demographics, ZIP codes, and even specific neighborhoods.