Commercial Journalism




Call on us to help you secure local, national, and industry press. In addition to newsroom relationships, we bring years of business strategy experience working with Fortune 500s to startups in a variety of industries to ensure that your message, value, and goals are on point and targeted to the proper media outlets. (Need references? Just ask). 


For all your media needs - with a specific focus on Virginia mainstream media and the construction, banking, and healthcare industries - we can guide your press relations and make strategic recommendations. For announcements, product launches, or day-to-day media needs, we offer:

  • Media consulting, management and monitoring

  • Press release writing and pitching

  • Media training (print, broadcast, and social)

  • Access to global, national, regional and trade wire services


When making major announcements or dealing with issues that could impact operations, it's important to speak in a clear, consistent voice with messages that resonate with all your affected audiences. We have deep experience navigating and managing national communications as well as issues that require careful consideration. Kelley is trusted by large and small organizations, law firms, banks, and nonprofits to bring a fresh perspective and help manage issues that require careful, precise public messaging and media relations.