A sampling of the effort for the renowned VCU Department of Nurse Anesthesia. What kind of work? All of it. All of the work. Copy, design, photography, illustration, printing and managing the whole thing, every day.


We know a good story when we hear of one. At a meeting with one of our nonprofit association clients, we overheard a conversation about the cool work a member was doing outside his day-to-day as an emergency physician. We just knew we could get placement of the story: The guy had invented a device that can be used in zero-gravity to treat he trauma of a collapsed lung. And, that device has been part of two payloads on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket ships.

See the story on Dr. Marsh Cuttino’s company, Orbital Medicine. Unfortunately to read the entire thing you’ll need a login. Otherwise, just enjoy cool pictures of rocketships and Bezos in a cowboy hat.


VCU Health is one of the only Level I trauma centers in the region. But their web presence needed to be taken up, well, a level. Diving in, we got to know the trauma program, its people, its facilities, its triumphs, it’s tragedies. Then we built a webpage within the VCU Health website that reflects it. This content was also extended out into a social media campaign for May’s Trauma Awareness Month. We also nearly drove off the road when we saw the health system’s “Take Me to VCU” billboard that used our copy, because quite frankly, we are damn proud of the work we do for this fine organization. We hope you never need the trauma team at VCU Health, but if you do, find a way to get to them.

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Reporting, annually

Whether herding cats or herding nationally recognized attorneys, we’d like to think we do a fine job at herding. Which was required to pull together this 24-page annual report for a major securities law firm in New York, Washington, and Richmond. We handled a little writing, a lot of design, a ton of editing, and the logistics of printing and delivery into the nation’s most complex shipping destination: Midtown Manhattan. Here’s a sampling — click to the left or right to see other pages.